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Memory Village

Memory Village is a progressive, engaging and supportive residential care lifestyle available as an alternative to the sterile, institutional Alzheimer/Memory Care facilities of the past 40 years.


The Village’s concept, philosophy, and approach are proactive, providing a comforting atmosphere for Memory Village residents (“Villagers”), with a full spectrum of around the clock care, and access to extensive Village amenities in immediate proximity to their homes.

Persons with Alzheimer’s and Dementia have been “treated” in a hospital setting since their inception. Memory Village at UnionVillage will toss out the “defensive” strategies of the past and focus on “offensive” strategies of the future. We will serve our Villagers with dignity and honor by creating a normal living environment in home-like settings. We will focus on The Villagers’ Experience, Restorative Food, Purposeful Technology, Wellness Focus, Access to Premier Healthcare, and State-of-the-Art Treatment Options.

Inland is Currently Accepting investments for return (Minimum $100,000) in the memory village project. Please contact us for more information.


Luxury Condominiums at the Promenades

 Inland is currently accepting investments in the luxury condos that are included in the two Promenade Buildings currently planned for immediate construction at Union Village. Each building consists of a ground floor containing retail shops and three upper floors of 12 condos per floor (36 in each building/72 condos in total). As mentioned in the EB-5 Projects section, a portion of the condos are being financed through EB-5 loans.  The "Videos" section of this website presents videos showing the overall design and graphics associated with the Promenade Buildings and the condos themselves. Please contact us for more information on this investment.  

Other Investment Opportunities at Union Village

Inland is working with the developers of Union Village to attract investments for other projects under development at the UV site; these include additional medical buildings as well as multifamily residences (condos and apartments) and commercial/retail (restaurants, shops). Please contact us for more information.

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