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Previous Projects: (See picture above) Cabazon Wind Project – 67 MW wind project located in Cabazon, near Palm Springs, CA Inland was project developer along with Constellation.; in operation since 2003High Desert Power Project (see picture above) – 830 MW gas combined cycle system in Victorville, CA; overall cost $650 million; Inland was developer in partnership with Constellation Development (affiliate of Baltimore Gase & Electric); came on line in 2003; was awarded Power Magazine’s Power Plant of the Year for 2003. [photo}Palmdale Hybrid Power Plant – 540MW gas combined cycle integrated with 70MW of thermal solar; located in Palmdale, CA; project on hold.Victorville 2 Project - 540MW gas combined cycle integrated with 70MW of thermal solar; located in Victorville, CA; project on hold.

Current Project:The Lekki Energy Center - 1 (LEC-1) Power Plant Project The LEC - 1 Project is currently under development by Caleb-Inland Energy Nigeria, Ltd. The Project is a natural gas fueled four train, with 4 x 1-on-1 Combined Cycle Gas Turbine units based on four GE 9F.o5 GTs with a combined net base load capacity of 1,800 MW; in order to achieve maximum efficiency, no duct firing (which lowers efficiency) is contemplated during normal operation. Of special significance for the Nigerian grid, the Project will include up to 200 MW of spinning reserve (50 MW/unit) based on supplemental duct firing. The Project has secured a 38.5acre site in the Lekki Free Trade Zone (LFTZ) southeast of Lagos, approximately 3 km from the coast (Atlantic Ocean). The Project’s fuel supply will be LNG supplied by NLNG and/or other sources through a two-tiered GSPA arrangement with the LNG procured from the NLNG facility at Bonny Island in SE Nigeria (and elsewhere if appropriate) by an LNG broker who will deliver it to an FSRU/undersea pipeline built, owned and operated by Golar, a world leader in LNG solutions for power plants, from whence it will be delivered to the plant. The current schedule calls for the Project to achieve financial closing and to commence construction (NTP) in the third quarter of 2024 with a construction period of 38 months, resulting in a COD in the fourth quarter of 2028.​

Project Team Introduction​

Caleb-Inland Energy Nigeria, Ltd. (C-I) is a Special Purpose Entity created specifically for the purpose of developing, constructing, owning and operating electric power generating plants in Nigeria. C-I is a Joint-Venture comprised of two established energy development companies:​

     a. Caleb Energy Inc., a California company the principals of which are Nigerian-Americans who are thoroughly familiar with the economic infrastructure of Nigeria, particularly Lagos, and who have a wide range of experience in dealing with financing and infrastructure projects, and;  Inland Energy, Inc., a power plant development company based in California which has successfully developed more than 3.0 GW of power plants employing different technologies in California, including the award winning 830 MW, 3x1 gas combined cycle  “High Desert Power Plant”.  C-I has been working on the Project’s development since 2012 and, as will be shown, has successfully achieved most of the key development milestones.

     b. In 2014, C-I executed an MOU with General Electric (GE) confirming its status as the major equipment supplier for the Project; GE is the world leader in power generating equipment and is very active in Nigeria with a fully staffed office in Lagos as well as Abuja.          c. The C-I Team will also include an experienced power plant EPC that is familiar with combined cycle design and erection based on GE equipment as well as construction of major projects in Nigeria. C-I is currently conducting this procurement process to identify and select the best EPC candidate for this vital role. The selection process will culminate in September 2018.

     d. C-I is currently in negotiations with a major LNG broker who will be responsible for procuring the LNG from NLNG or elsewhere as appropriate and delivering it to an FSRU berthed just off-shore from the power plant; the GSPA with the broker will include a base load pricing formula negotiated with NLNG, tied to major oil and gas indices and reflecting NLNG’s commitment to providing LNG to major domestic customers.

     e. The most recent addition to the C-I team is Golar, one of the world’s leading suppliers of LNG and related delivery systems; C-I is currently in negotiations with Golar on a GSA that is expected to be executed in the next 60 days. Golar will be responsible for building, owning and operating the gas delivery system consisting of an FSRU berthed at a new protected port facility located near the Project from whence the reheated gas will be piped to a delivery point at the Project.

     f. In addition, the C-I Team includes an experienced legal team comprised of Lagos based Olaniwun Ajayi as experienced local counsel.​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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